Dear Colleague, Dear Friend,

Please allow us a few minutes of your precious time to summarize the final balance of the 8th Milano Masterclass-Expo Edition.
We have been inundated with emails of support and enthusiasm for a truly unforgettable event. None of us could have ever guessed that the Milano Masterclass could grow into a mighty tree with deep seated roots, currently growing rapidly, and fruitfully towards a more exciting future. There were many reasons for the success of this particular Edition. We hosted participants from 64 nations who had travelled from across the globe, at considerable cost, battled jet-lag, in order to learn about the new boundaries of scientific research, sweat through the technical considerations that besiege our daily operations, and learn new methods of thinking about established dogma.
We thank each one of you, dear participants, for your effort, diligence, and ability to maintain attention despite the long days of teaching, and numerous presentations.

In the final analysis, the Milano Masterclass aims to improve patient care by providing the highest level of education currently available on our planet. Your attendance acts as a significant step towards the right direction.
We are grateful to the contributors who gave up their free time, and made every conceivable effort to make the presentations fresh and enjoyable. None of us will forget the sight of world famous surgeons featured in cowboy style movie clips, or the magnificent Gala Dinner in the renaissance Palazzo Clerici where we were serenaded by opera stars, and dinned in the finest possible Italian style.

Without you, dear participant, the Masterclass would not have happened. The packed auditorium didn't simply absorb the information and didactic lectures. The audience presented their concerns, challenged the Faculty, and made each other analyse the problems facing our field in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Each days's teaching and interaction didn't simply end by 7pm.
In each other's company, we enjoyed meeting old friends, making new ones, and building bridges to far flung parts of the globe. These new relationships will form the basis for further growth and development, and create the atmosphere that makes Masterclass unique:
a) Mima 2015 Special Moments MiMa 2015 clip
b) Gala Dinner Mima 2015 Networking Dinner Clip
Hope you can share our deep feelings of satisfaction coupled with a shadow of nostalgia when viewing these beautiful frames that remind the good time we have had all together in Milano. Feel free to share these two beautiful clips with friends and colleagues.

We know that many colleagues could not attend. For those who could not make it this time, do not despair! Already, we have started to receive request for the next Masterclass in 2017. The next 2 years will flash by very quickly. We will learn, dine, dance, and sing together very soon in the magnificent Italian city of Milano.
Mark your agenda now for the 9th edition: March 24-28, 2017, and do pass this information on please, if you think it may also be of interest to somebody else!


Paolo Castelnuovo & Pietro Palma
Direttori MiMa

Italiano English

P. Castelnuovo



MARCH 20-22, 2015

Paolo Castelnuovo

P. Palma



MARCH 22-24, 2015

Pietro Palma

Special Moments MiMa 2015 clip

Networking Dinner Clip

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